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Sex Shop Prank Goes Wrong

No! I swear this dildo is for my friend. It’s just a prank. Whatever. Put me on your mailing list I guess.
Full 30 minute video! 0

Full 30 minute video!

I decided to release a full 30 minute video. Fun show up at the Historic Everett Theater. Hope you like it.

My Annoying Roommate

I just got a new roommate that I’m trying to kick out and it’s tough because he’s a spider.

The Tinder Heckler

I’m working on a joke about how much fun heckling athletes is. The tricky thing is, I don’t want people to heckle me or other comedians. I’m not going to post the bit for...

Heckler Mansplains Beach Boys to Comedian

One of my favorite jokes involves comparing The Beach Boys to the Wu Tang Clan. In the middle of the joke an audience member, who had previously interrupted, decided to share some very important...