Much Ado about nothing

Go figure. I had kinda psyched myself out. I think that happens all the time on the first show like this. Last time I opened for the whose live anyway guys, I freaked out. Second day, I was fine. Anyway.

A couple weird things. I was told it was like a 20 minute set, then the day before they said 15 plus some announcements. Then the day of they were like no more than 15, so like 12 plus announcements. I got on stage and maybe did 10 minutes with announcements before they lit me. So basically it’s just “go until Richard arrives.”

I wasn’t allowed to touch his mic or his mic stand. I had my own seperate mic. I couldn’t move the stool. I couldn’t do anything. It was right up front so I kinda forced myself to stand in front of it the whole time. The house lights didn’t even come down until I was done with my first joke. That’s when people stopped talking and realized they were going to have to put up with me for a few minutes. It felt very unnatural. But maybe that was partly me.

It was obvious they were there for Richard Lewis. So my job was to get them laughing a little bit. So he doesn’t have a cold crowd. I did my job. It’s not a set that’s about me. Like Susan said: “Sometimes it’s a job.” – Now it wasn’t nearly that bad. but it kinda felt like that. They were tight. They weren’t ready for joke punchline. They were ready for rambling funny shit that Lewis does. It will be interesting to watch the second night and see how much he changes around and if it truly is just a ramble or if it’s all bits.

Hopefully I’ll get to say hi and have him sign the book and get a picture tonight. Nobody was allowed in the green room and he had it set up so that he arrived just as I was closing. So they light me when he shows up. He sits in the car and then it’s showtime. It will be interesting to see if he has the same rules at the Parlor in September.

Anyway, maybe I’ll get a good video tonight if it goes well and post it up. My dad is coming to the show.

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