Dj Hero 2

Ok. This writing every day thing is really tough. I kinda wrote some of these jokes out the other day, but I didn’t really take time to write them. Part of the reason is because I was too busy doing the stuff to make this joke happen. I spent most of the day wandering around trying to find a hard copy of the documentary “I AM COMIC” which was released Tuesday. Unfortunately it was online only through every store I visited. But because Bank of America canceled all my shit the other day, I couldn’t just buy it on Amazon or whatever and have it shipped.

So I wandered around in to Best Buy and I got stuck. They have those giant displays of video games. There was one called DJ Hero. Which is just like guitar hero. You’re not fighting any crime. You end up getting hooked on it and becoming worthless in your life. So I start playing the game because I’m interested. About 2 hours later I realize I’m still there trying to figure this game out. It’s getting pathetic. I step away and I start to think, I wonder if the best buy employees even notice? They must get sick of hearing that shit throughout the store. They’re all huddled in a corner putting money down on the time they bet I’ll actually get my ass off the game. I went home. Kinda depressed. Like I wanted to go back and play the game again today. I was like it’s almost not even worth buying that game. I could just go to best buy every day I want to play that game. Except for maybe like 2am. Plus Best Buy makes you wear pants.

Anyway. This is kinda half assed blog. Hopefully I come back later and actually write something funny in here. Some days I just don’t feel like it. I’ve been writing segues and adding little bits and peices to current stuff today. Nothing really new goin on in my head as a must write about situation. Although this could be funny one day if I put in some work for it. But sometimes I start writing and I get lazy like “really? Hilarious joke about Dog Balls, Andrew. Where is that gonna go in your act?” Which is why I want to start an expiriment. Have an ALTER EGO comedian. He’ll pay me a couple bucks. I’ll give him all the random jokes I’ve written and never tried plus some old ones I told that I got rid of after a few weeks. He’ll instantly have a good 10 maybe. Then see how those jokes go for someone who doesn’t have a clean act or whatever persona I have. I’m late for open mic. I have no idea what jokes I want to use. Peace out bitches.

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