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I’ve been able to advance through the ranks of comedy rather quickly. I’m not some kind of prophet. I just started earlier than most people. Much like the X-Men and their gifts. I was born with a slightly above average ability and then I was raised in a house where humor was more than accepted. It was encouraged. I had to go to the school of mutants with professor X and learn how to harness my abilities. Learn to control them and use them for good. I’ve only been doing that for 2 years.

Family dinner was open mic night. My dad made fun of me on the radio. I had to learn to accept my flaws as part of his job. Now I’m learning to accept them as part of mine.

So I always had humor. I just didn’t know stand up comedian was an available job. My career counselor never mentioned it.

Speaking of high school My humor always got me in trouble. I got harassed a lot. but once in a while it was my fault. I didn’t know the proper times to shut my mouth.

One time in PE class we were playing football outside. I was a freshman and a senior on the other team was the quarterback. He threw an incomplete pass and he goes “man. The ball is wet, it slipped out of my hands.” I was just kinda walking by and I was like “Yeah. That’s what they all say.” The guy gave me the biggest “you little shit” look and said “you’re lucky I’m 18” – I realize later he was referring to him being charged as an adult for assaulting me. I’m not sure what the difference meant, but hey. My mouth got me in trouble a couple times like that. I specifically remember my PE teacher pulling me aside later and saying “I can NOT stop them from kicking your ass.”

strange. Story. Not good enough for immediate stage use yet. But I think the teacher line is the key to this story.

Anyway. Here’s a joke waiting for someone to write it: What if Professor X was your PE teacher?

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