Zoltar wants you to put it in his mouth

I was hanging with my brother today. Making myself feel bad for a while. I felt excited that today I made $100 instead of the normal $50. He told me about six figure deals he made. We watched some AppleTV and the movie “Big”

There was some great comedy in that movie. There’s a scene I can’t find on youtube, but the timing was impeccable. The girl is getting undressed, she flips the lights off. he flips the lights back on and just stares. Good stuff.

But what the hell is with Zoltar. Because I aim for the mouth all the time and girls never grant me wishes after that. haha. I know it’s a little childish but it was cracking me up during the movie so I thought I’d add it here. Content is key. No use for this website if I’m not putting stuff up here. Even though most of you are just interested in selling me penis enlargement pills. This will someday be a nice vault to go through. Speaking of time capsules. It’s cool to see computers from 1988 in the movie. That wasn’t very long ago at all. Now we have youtube. and wordpress. and facebook.

Life is fascinating. Anyway. My brother is awesome. Check out his website. http://keithriversfilms.com/

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