In the black!

No this isn’t the post about me getting laid. hah. That one is finished, but it’s in the saved drafts. There’s probably some relatively sensitive information, I think if I reveal details too soon, people will connect dots and put days and times and names together and I’m sure she would like some privacy in this difficult time of mourning the loss of her … what’s the word I’m looking for… purity? Integrity? Dignity. That’s just how I imagine every girl after they sleep with me. “Oh gee. What have I done? I’ll never get into Yale now.” I guess that’s how you know it’s political season. You’re careful with what you post. You don’t know what can and will eventually be used against you. I dunno. I might just take out some parts of the story but those are some the craziest parts of the story. I told my friend about some of the activities I pulled and she said “Is this the ‘how to get banned from 10 clubs in 10 days tour?'” Admittedly, I got lucky here and there with being reckless but as long as it all works out fine in the end. In all honesty, I still didn’t pursue the women. I didn’t go crazy. I kept my investment level to a minimum. That’s half the reason I don’t get it as much as I should. I just don’t pursue it. I follow the wise words of some rappers: “If you chase the pussy it’s a sin, but if it falls in your lap, it’s a blessing.” or “lose money chasing women, never lose women chasing money.”

Anyway, I was looking over my account information and did some math. I’ve actually made money on this trip so far (not counting food). That’s with gas to drive all over the country, oil changes, over $50 in tolls, and enough alcohol to get a girl drunk enough to sleep with me. (I think another $50) and I’m still in the black. Not by a lot. but I’m in the black. I did not expect that. I’m going to treat myself to some non dollar menu items today at mcdonalds. Or maybe I’ll go to a white castle and get some stock tips with all this money I’ve saved.

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