Much Better

Another cool cat and I were talking tonight after I rushed the catch the last part of a show at Laughs. Owen Straw is a good guy and we talked about my experiences and he echoed my thoughts. “You can’t really know until you do it.”

Tonight was such an improvement. I felt more comfortable after several things. #1 was just knowing what to expect, but I also had a good conversation with my dad before hand, I talked with my buddy Adam in the parking lot and I just told myself “just another show.” There was room for improvement still, I blanked for some reason on one of my jokes but I didn’t panic I just kinda laughed at myself and I know when I go to the tape it will only be like 3 seconds of silence in what seems like an eternity of me knocking upstairs on the green room of my brain like “You’re on stage now, sir!” but there were fun things that I’m glad I did that weren’t part of the set. Like the lighting guys brilliant idea to instead of flicking the lights to let me know it’s my time to get off, to just turn ON the spotlight. Well. That wasn’t obvious. lol. So I saw the guy walking to the spotlight and I realized my time was up, so I kept going, but I don’t think I realized that was going to be so crazy when he turned it on. It stunned me because it was pretty bright and I swear half the audience turned around like “what was that?” So I made a comment like “alright that’s the light. Which means…” and some lady up front goes “It’s time for you to go!” and the crowd laughed. I was like “Yes. Very perceptive. I bet you’re excited. ‘Can’t wait for this guy to get off stage. Where the hell is Richard Lewis!’ ”

It was also a better crowd turnout, and they weren’t quite as uptight. Maybe that was because I wasn’t nervous and they weren’t freaking out because I was freaking out. But if you want to get into that whole “mindfuck” theory give me some drugs first. It’s way too deep for me right now. lol. Richard Lewis also seemed to have a better show, I won’t argue if you say it had nothing to do with my better overall performance, but I’m just throwing it out there.

So I went up, had fun, the set went really well, I got a great applause break at the end. I didn’t get to physically meet the guy. He’s very true to himself on stage. Which if you see his act. Anti-Social. The word “Neurotic” comes to mind. He just wants to do the show get out and go home to a hotel. I didn’t expect much. But he sent via the casino a nice headshot with a manila envelope signed personally to me with some advice. That will be a special page in the book. I’ll scan that soon.

Anyway, I’ll upload videos and pictures soon. I’ll write some more blog stuff and work on the website some more in the next couple of days. I’m thinking I should get some official looking headshots soon and business cards maybe. I’m always so annoyed with spending the money, even though I know it will help me with a regular following. I’m like that’s what facebook is for. Mailing list is so 2003 even though it’s not. *shrug*

Goodnight everyone.

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