Vancouver Riots


Here’s the deal. I’m a sports fan. So I understand being passionate about a team. but recently the Vancouver Canucks lost in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals (that’s like the world series of hockey).

Vancouver fans started rioting. Flipping cars. Whatever.


Lets be honest Canucks fans. If you won, you probably would have rioted for fun anyway. 2nd place is nothing to riot about. That’s still pretty good. There’s like 30 other teams that you’re ahead of. I don’t know the exact numbers, who cares, it’s hockey. I’m just saying. You were ahead of at least like 2 or 3 other teams. What if every team that didn’t make the playoffs rioted? Detroit has a good hockey team and they riot all the time anyway. Look how that’s working out. I bet Boston wouldn’t have rioted if THEY lost. Probably because they had no idea they had a hockey team, but still.


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