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F*#k Me Pumps

I know I normally keep it family friendly on here but I couldn’t avoid this topic, and there’s no way to clean it up because saying “eff me pumps” would be really lame. So...

New Video

This past weekend I was the featured comedian at Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland. The feature is the middle act. They are usually responsible for 20-30 minutes of the show (depending on the number...

I met you on a THURSDAY!

So a few weeks ago I was doing another random weekday show for low money, to my surprise, there were a couple cute girls there. And as I do from time to time when...

More Fatherly Advice

My dad keeps telling me that I’m disinterested in too many things. That I don’t care about enough. And something like that as a comedian, I should have an opinion on everything. I don’t...

Hosting & Don’t Blame the Crowd

Got a new video last night. One thing I’d take back. “Sometimes Laughter Hurts” is a line Gabriel Rutledge uses all the time. As soon as I said it I made a face like...

Pacific Grand Prix Raceways

I’m happy to announce I’ve landed a new regular gig. I will be an announcer at Pacific Grand Prix Raceways (right next to Pacific Raceways) during different cool events like Drifting and SuperMoto. Not...

Write Everything Down

“Hal Sparks – Write Everything Down! Ain’t nothin to it but to do it!” Ain’t nothing to it but to do it. Seinfeld once said if he were to teach a class on comedy...
Andrew Needs a Job 0

Andrew Needs a Job

Having some fun with dad. I like having fun and working on being funny less from bits and jokes to just messing around and talking about actual life events.