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This past weekend I was the featured comedian at Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland. The feature is the middle act. They are usually responsible for 20-30 minutes of the show (depending on the number of performers before) to set up the headliner. This was about a 22 minute set but only because it was a huge crowd and the laughs were a little longer. It adds up over time. Anyway. I accidentally deleted the first show where I did all sorts of new material that you’ve been reading but haven’t heard. I will capture it another time. Still some work to do. I am never happy with my hair. but I think I’m just being neurotic. The sides stick out and I feel like an idiot. Maybe I’ll start wearing a hat on stage again. booo. but then I’ll get self concious because of my oddly shaped head. Let’s get on to the video.
(oops, video no longer available)

Still some transitional things I’d like to clean up and still some meat left on the bone on some of these jokes I should go back and write some more. So you may see posts with jokes you already know or heard but with an extra line or two added in. I wonder if anyone will even notice. My 2 biggest commenters are CJ and my Dad who hardly watch me anyway. But that’s just because CJ was vacationing in prison for a few months. Enjoy. Tootles. Brett Favre Cock.

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