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Andrew Needs a Job 0

Andrew Needs a Job

Having some fun with dad. I like having fun and working on being funny less from bits and jokes to just messing around and talking about actual life events.

Emo Phillips

A comedian that needs the F Word to get a laugh is like a martial arts expert who needs a gun. Wishing you Luck – Emo Phillips. Emo worked laughs in kirkland one weekend...
Introduction to “The Book” 0

Introduction to “The Book”

Hey everybody. I’m working on a book. I will periodically post snippets here. I welcome all feedback. These are rough drafts. Basically my goal is to have a presentable copy with around 10 pages...


Last night I got first place in the semi finals with 44 votes. It was indescribable. No words describe the disappointment I feel when I know I had the best show of my life...

Laughs Comedy Competition

This weekend I’ll be participating (and hopefully winning) in the Laughs Comedy Spot Competition. Thursday is the first round. Depending on if I advance I’ll be competing either Friday at 8 or Friday at...