Christopher Titus Gives Comedy Advice + New Video + Whatever

This is a clip from almost 2 years ago of Chris Titus on the Bob Rivers Show in Seattle, Wa. I was just getting started at Open Mics. I had written a stupid local joke about the Oklahoma Thunder (back when they sucked). I told it during the commercial break and everybody laughed. Then when Titus was on the air, they had me tell it again. This time they let it die in the air and the joke BOMBED. lol. Titus went on to give some valuable comedy advice that I look back on to this day. While the clip is somewhat embarrassing. Comics will make fun of my material today that’s actually funny. So what difference does it make if it was two years ago or I wrote the joke yesterday?

Anyway, on to some material that is a LOT funnier, with much less nerves. I was supposed to do a 30 minute set, but I got there and they cut me to 15 (but paid me the same) just for whatever reason. They’re doing it with all their middles now. *shrug* Whatever. I would have preferred to get a great 30 minute tape, but I got a great 17 minute tape. I cut it down to the last 8 minutes which is what I’ve been writing the most on lately and really enjoy performing because it gets really personal and funny.

So with those out of the way. Let me talk about some other stuff.

While we’re on the topic of advice. I’ve been saving this gem for a few weeks as I tried to find a place that made sense. It didn’t really seem appropriate for facebook. I’ll keep the author anonymous for now, but it is a well respected Seattle Headliner who makes a great point.

“Working hard puts you ahead of 80% of comedians. Oh and also. Fuck everybody else. They should worry about their own shit. Just don’t say that. Only think it.

Sometimes, those things are difficult. Lately I’ve just wanted to punch people. Even the other day (I wont specify as to give away any details) I remember talking to another person. Them saying some rude things to my face. and I thought about how wonderful it would be to just punch them in the face. The satisfaction it would give me. Glorious. All I ever wanted was to be treated respectfully and judged like any other person. Somehow by trying to avoid conflict, it’s left me as the guy in the corner that murmurs to himself a lot of the time. Comedians just love to talk shit about other people. It will fuck up your shit faster than you can come up with a legitimate reason as to why that person deserves to be ridiculed. but I don’t get it. I mean. I get it. I have as many terrible thoughts as the next comic. but I don’t get the hate. If everyone were just as nice and helpful, it would make a lot of your legitimate criticisms about people disappear. This guy does this thing wrong. Teach him how to do it right. Right? *kanye shrug*

My main theory dates back to before I was a comic. My dad always said if I wanted to be successful, than to surround myself with successful people.

So I’m trying to get past all the hatred. It’s not easy though. I’ve got this overwhelming desire to leave town right now. I need a vacation. but first I need some money. and then I know as soon as I’m on vacation. I’ll spend the whole time withering away because I’m not on stage. Life is tough.

By the way, here’s a video I’m not sure If I posted on this blog yet. But while we’re talking about advice. Here’s something truly special I got to watch and luckily I stayed for the second show and nobody arrested me for filming it. I just found it amazingly inspirational.

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