Friends With Benefits

I recently have started a Friends with Benefits situation. My friend has a netflix account and he started letting me use it. That’s as close as I’m gonna get to using that term probably in the next few years. lol. Netflix is pretty cool. You can stream movies right on your laptop. Here’s what I discovered though. I’ve learned that there are a LOT of movies that never needed to be made. A TON! I can not stress that enough. There are so many AWFUL movies to watch instantly for free. We should go back to when those things were more difficult to do. People would stop putting out such crap. I went to film school and I didn’t REALLY care. I didn’t have the passion. Technology doesn’t weed people like me out anymore. Thankfully, I’ve found my path and things are great now. but Technology is making everything easier. Some stuff should be more difficult. Like making a movie. Movies can be made for like 40 bucks. I could convince people to come do it for free, pretend I’m gonna give them some acting credit that will matter in 2 months. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

“Everything that’s available to do, isn’t a good idea.” – Louis CK

God Damnit how many times am I going to write something and realize I’m repeating a louis CK bit. lol.

But seriously. Same goes for making kids. That should be more difficult too. That’s an easy one. but put on a condom. I know I’m one to talk, but at least I don’t have any kids, fuckers.

I guess we can say that about anything. I know some people that shouldn’t get on stage and they keep trying. but nobody gives them the keys to the joint. Nobody puts them on a weekend show and disguises it as comedy. Usually. How do these movies get made? That’s the equivalent of putting the open micer on a show on the weekend. I was the open micer of film school. but I knew my place. I didn’t jump into arguments.

Film school was out of place for me. I just liked making goofy videos that made people laugh. I didn’t want to sit through film history and study the greats. That’s how I know I love comedy, I watch everything that someone says is great and study it and am passionate. I am that comedy nerd. I’m still not gonna argue about it with people. but thats more of a distaste for arguments in the first place. Film school we had classes on film theory and kids would argue who was the best director and I just couldn’t give 2 shits. I was like call me when you wanna make a goofy thing. I’ve got weird ideas. That’s all I’m good for. I used to sleep in classes. I was a horrible kid with my parents money at that place. Luckily, they had enough of it, at least Keith made some use out of it. lol. Ehhh, these things are a crapshoot ya know? Thanks for buying me stuff for 25 years, now I’m gonna make fun of you on stage for a living. I don’t even have to tell the truth. I’ll do it while you watch. I can invent whatever I want. It’s great. Everyone will laugh at you. How does that feel? You can’t even defend yourself out loud or the club will kick you out. lol. Well, they probably like you more than me still, but I guess he’s done the same thing to me on the radio for years.

We used to watch movies in class for 2 hours and then discuss it at 7am. Even the kids who are passionate would fall asleep. You’re a film school, you should know your demographic. When you enrolled in the class they gave you like a starter kit. It had a few books and some quality headphones. It should have come with pot brownies. haha. That should have been film school starter kit today. Pot Brownies and an Iphone. Go make a movie, and if we like it enough you can get into the real school.

Sorry for the swearing, I just finished watching another Louis CK special. :/

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