I met you on a THURSDAY!

Mom with her 3 "Roommates"

So a few weeks ago I was doing another random weekday show for low money, to my surprise, there were a couple cute girls there. And as I do from time to time when I feel confident and had a great set. I struck up a conversation with one of the girls while trying to slightly chat up her ugly friend so she doesn’t feel left out and pull her friend away. Luckily her friend starts mentioning stuff about her boyfriend and I feel like that’s a signal that I’m in the clear. The cute girl tells me she enjoyed the show, and I told her I enjoyed her audience participation. (what am I supposed to say?) – Now normally I don’t go for girls who I meet at shows. I feel like they are pre disposed to this glamorous look at my job. They see how great I am and yadda yadda, when really. It’s not all that amazing. They might have a number of issues including demanding that I be funny all the time. They probably think I make tons of money. Plus if she gives ME her number, who else is she gonna give it to? I’ve got very minimal game. I’m kinda charming. Sometimes I’m funny. I’d like to say better than average looking but it’s not my call. My point is I don’t really have a general move that works. My pickup game is never the same for any girl. I just kinda get a feeling and ride with it. Sometimes it works. Plenty of times it doesn’t. So far none of it is successful to the point of dating anybody. booo hoooo. Anyway. My point is. If she gave me her number and I’m just me. What happens when she meets another random guy? Those are just my insecurities.

Moving on with the story. We start texting back and forth a few days later because she says she wants to catch another show. I text her when I’m in her area a couple times. She keeps responding with basically the same message. “Can’t make this one, but keep letting me know. I really wanna hang out and catch another show.” Now the second effort of saying “I’m not just saying that to make you go away.” makes me continue. Then one day I text her about a show. She responds back with “I can’t make it to the shows on weekdays. I usually can make it on weekends. Weekdays I have work, and I have my son.” – in my head I’m like wait a second. I MET YOU ON A THURSDAY!?!!

But at least she was up front about having a kid. I’ve had other situations with women not being so forthcoming.

One night several years ago. I was at a nightclub drinking, dancing, well. Maybe not dancing a whole lot. But a whole lot of drinking. We started making out in the bar. Just crazy shit I would never normally do. Sober. Get her number. Text and talk a few days later. She invites me over. I’m thinkin perfect. Get there. Things immediately pick up. No chit chat. This girl booty called me and I was pretty damn ok with it. We move to her bedroom, and there’s a baby crib in her bedroom. I’m like WHOA! That’s…fine. But maybe something you wanna bring up before hand? Maybe throw and FYI my way? I mean don’t get me wrong I still did it. I’m just saying. When you said “let’s go to my crib.” That’s not exactly what I had in mind. It’s crazy. Girls keep trying to hide the fact that they have a kid. Or they try and come up with a clever way of disguising it. It’s made me super paranoid. Every time I talk to a girl I get suspicious. Like “What do you mean when you say roommates?”

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