Comedy CD RECORDING – APRIL 21st – Tacoma Comedy Club

Here’s the deal folks. I’m recording my first comedy cd on April 21st. My friend Adam is also recording his on the same show. We’re going to combine it into one CD. We’ll both be doing 30-40 minutes each. So the CD will be regular length. That way I don’t have to claim I have an hour of material, I have a good CD I can give out at Christmas instead of buying gifts, and you have an excuse to come see me do comedy.

If you’ve never… seen me before, or you haven’t seen me for over 6 months. This is the show for you. I have lots of new material, and I’ve been working constantly. You know how you’re always mad because we can never hang out on weekends or I don’t go to the club anymore and everytime you call me I’m in Montana or some crazy place and you basically only talk to me on facebook now? Yup. I’ve been busy doing comedy every night for over 2 years. I promise you might not leave disappointed.

All proceeds from the tickets will go towards the recording, editing and distribution of the CD. If you come to this show, I promise to let you ride on my tour bus once I get famous.


Here’s the deal. If you buy tickets right now. They are $10 a pop. I’m recording a video this weekend that will have a discount code attached to it. This will give you tickets for $7 each. Stay tuned. Don’t wait for the last minute. This event is likely to sell out.

At least call and make your reservation today: (253) 282-7203

What did I tell you. Video is up. Code is online. You’re ready to go.

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