Prison won’t let me sell a CD

I have some amazing gigs coming up (not really). One run of shows is going to be at the Walla Walla State Penitentiary for prisoners.

For normal gigs I sell CD’s after the show. Not open mics. but real shows. Not that I’m opposed to it. I have them in the car if you really want. Or you can buy it on itunes. Anyway.

I asked them if I could sell my CDs after the show. They said no because the prisoners might use it as a weapon. I was like oh like they might break it off and stab someone with it? They were like no. If a prisoner forces his cellmate to listen to a CD with an hour full of dick jokes, he might kill himself.


this show ended up falling through. Thankfully. The more I thought about it, why would you have a comedy show in a prison? What am I Johnny Cash? What jokes am I gonna do in a prison? “hey how bout them gas prices? no… hmmm. How bout that 3 strikes law! That’s awesome.. oh wait.”

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