Google Me Baby!

My roommates just discovered my website and blog the other day. (hi!) It wasn’t too awkward of a talk. but I did have to explain the whole “exaggeration for comedic effect” thing as far as making fun of my living situation. which is by choice, so I don’t have to have a day job. It wasn’t a bad talk though. I’ve found myself in deeper shit for writing about people before and they don’t get that I write jokes and some of them are not based on any reality or what self deprecating humor is about. The more I thought about it. I was actually kind of depressed by the conversation. I’ve been living here for like a year and you didn’t google me right away? I don’t appear as interesting as I hoped. I google people all the time. (the classic comedy misdirection line would be: I don’t know who taught my parents how to use google but that’s annoying.) I should write more on googling people. That seems like an interesting premise. fuck it. I’m lazy right now.

My parents do know how to google. I hope they don’t read this though. They’re not very good at it. They’re technological. They have iphones and ipads and stuff. They’re just slow. It’s annoying. Whenever I watch my parents google something I always get impatient. It’s like watching a girl give you a handjob. You’re just like … “alright. move! here. I can do it faster. I’ve done this way more than you.”

Boom. The masturbation joke’s continue. I hope something interesting happens soon.

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