For the Wrong Reasons – Album Out NOW!


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Like most of my exclusive relationships, this one has ended after a week. My album is now streaming everywhere (and still on Pandora). Use the link in my bio!
@thekatiethurston says I owe her 50% of profits, so stream it on Spotify and I’ll pass on the $0.003!

The album title was chosen for literally the wrong reasons, because I’m a dirty clout chaser lol. I wanted to poke fun at the Bachelor slogan, and also, when you’re performing Standup, you might get an audience that laughs “For the Wrong Reasons”- for example saying “All lives matter!” to a polar bear because he’s white. You can imagine some people might not be quite as hip to the sarcasm.

But I couldn’t have asked for a better audience. They were there 4TRR! Recorded in July at Historic Everett Theater for 500 people. This is the best thing I’ve ever done and the album sounds literally perfect. Thanks to @800poundgorillarecords & @thelaughbutton.

Speaking of 800 pound gorillas, @toddroycexxl hosted the show and crushed and is immortalized as the intro voice! When he gets real big, hipsters will buy my album to prove they’ve been fans of Todd the whole time.

@corymichaeliscomedy & @phillipkopczynski are my emotional support humans who tag every joke and deserve more credit than they’ll take. Especially Cory for co-headlining and letting me do an hour in the middle of the show to get a sweet spot for the recording before he puts the audience to sleep (he’s switching from comic to hypnotist.) Go check the album out and lemme know what you think, unless you hate it, keep that to yourself! ????????

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