Out of Touch

Today my dad and I were watching a DVD and it kept freezing. So I said we could find it on the internet. I googled it and surely 5 minutes later found the movie to watch free online. He was amazed and I giggled that he had no idea that was possible. I was pissed off because the quality wasn’t as good as the blu-ray we abandoned. Then he said “I grew up watching fuzzy TV’s. This is just fine to me.” and I realized we were both out of touch in our own special way.

Sometimes I feel like I’m volunteering at a nursing home when I watch my dad try to find something on the internet. It’s so frustrating but I’m like “let him do it himself or he’ll never learn.” and don’t get me wrong. He’s really good for an old guy. He taught me when I was a kid and the internet was just a new thing. But now I’ve surpassed him and he still sucks at it. The other day he was taking forever so I took over on his computer and I started typing in the web address. Under recently visited, it started popping up all these websites he goes to and one of them was “Youporn” I was like “really, dad? … You don’t know about redtube yet? You are so out of touch with touching yourself.”

I never thought I’d write a joke with Redtube as the punchline. *shrug* Nobody says I have to ever use it.

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