Carz Remix

I’m a Sir Mix-A-Lot fan since baby got back. I was so excited to see a great song come out from him that’s recent because as much flak as he gets for being a one hit wonder. He had many great songs and some good albums back in the day. I have an obsession with cars, although slightly less expensive ones. When I got my job I started pimping out my Turbo Jetta with racing wheels and tires and special gear. I spent my last pay check on a rear sway bar so the car could go around corners with better stability. *sigh*

I found myself dreaming of wishing I could relate and I’m sure I’ll get there one day. but ever since I traded that car in to get a new Toyota Corolla (because lets face it, I’m poor, and it’s much more economical). I thought Sir Mix A Lot should do a remix for some of his fans. I jotted a few lyrics down just for fun, I may or may not work on this and make my brother do a remix video. It seems like the kind of thing that could go viral and be funny. Especially since Mix is from Seattle and lives here. Maybe he would swing by and do a guest appearance like he did in this local rappers song. Or just someone who looks like him. lol.

(By the way: Reading rap lyrics is like reading a joke. There’s a style and slang and pronunciation and timing and rythm thing to it. But if you try and read this like mix a lot is rapping in the song. Lots of pauses and pronouncing every syllable it could make sense.)

“Toyota – Corolla. Can’t afford a v6 motor!
Girls Laugh, but I save on gas.
yeah. So what I ride the metro, I still save mad money on petrol!
I got the cheap ass seats, no leg room for my big butt freaks
thirty six, M-P-G’s!, A motorized scooter flies past me.

The hard part with parody writing is making it sound enough like the original. For instance. You can get away with some shotty writing in the rest of the song if the chorus sounds eerily similar.

We love these carz (we love these carz)
keep my suspension stiff, I never drift (I take expensive trips, and don’t spend a grip)
we love these carz
Keep my right foot planted, cops can’t stand it (don’t take gas for granted, you’ll get reprimanded)


Obviously. This is some rough draft writing. but I just wanted to put this up here in case someone knocks off my idea and does it better. 🙂 I call FIRSTIES!

Feel free to submit your own lyrics. I find RhymeZone hepful when I want a jolt of ideas. As usually you write the rest of the sentence around the last word.

— Sidenote —

A really cool parody example is this one by a certain guy I know about an awfully popular song that was out a few years ago. The song and video went viral (no pun intended) the original video had millions of views, but got taken down by youtube, now it’s back and only around 100k, but there are many spinoff youtube videos and the health department used it and they got messages from high school sex ed teachers who wanted to use it.

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