I hate these little viral things that float around facebook. Some of them are kinda witty, most of them are dumb. This one is perfect.


This sums up every blog post and every feeling I’ve had since I got into this stupid profession.

I guess I’m done writing a blog now. I feel guilty when I don’t write. I don’t know how I was writing every day. I think my creativity is moving in spurts. I’m very focused on booking right now. I was on rapid pace this year. I was almost going to make 20 grand. Then JUNE. Fuck june. lol. I took a bunch of cheap MC gigs just to get into places. Foot in the door stuff. For the record July is going to be terrible also but it’s all local stuff that pays bad. Summer is the slow season. So. Whatever. Good thing I didn’t blow off all my money. I knew it seemed too good to be true. I’ll get to 17 or 18, which is still fantastic but it doesn’t sound as good as 20. Maybe if I have a killer fall I can get close to 19 or 20. We’ll see.

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