I just finished a show in Warmsprings, Oregon. It went pretty well. I had a slow start because there was a drunk couple yelling random shit (again) and I hadn’t really built repoire with the audience at that point. So I didn’t want to just start blasting them. But after last time I was here, I’ll take it. Last time I was here, it was the first “Tribble” gig I had done. Only done a few other shows out of state.

I practically got heckled to death and then Boo’d off stage. One couple kept saying if I didn’t get off they would come up and unplug the mic. Now don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t necessarily that I stunk. Weird things happened. Bad sound setup kept feedbacking. The front row was like 30 feet away in a small room. Even the stage lights were dark. Some rooms just shouldn’t force comedy night. The next night in Winemucca, Nevada. I had an amazing set. But these things will make you a better comic if you let them. Anyone can have a hot crowd in a hot room an do well. It takes a great comic to do well in crappy situations.

Or more eloquently put:

“It was easy to be great. Every entertainer has a night when everything is clicking. These nights are accidental and statistical. Like Lucky cards in poker, you can count on them occuring over time. What was hard was to be good. Consistently good. Night after night. No matter the abominable circumstances.” – Steve Martin ‘Born Standing Up.’

I’m getting there. But I’m still thirsty. I haven’t had a bad show in weeks but that was sort of on purpose. I wanted to tell a story about prom where my limo driver faked his death. I didn’t spend enough time writing jokes about it, and I tried to just tell the story without embellishing or jokes. It got some laughs but it was still a stinker. I can’t actually remember the last bad “set” I had while I was telling jokes that I’ve written. Probably second show in Minneappolis at the joke joint. The audience was about 15 deep, scattered after the first show was hot and packed. Doing a 7 minute guest set on our way to chicago. Months ago. hmm.

I feel like every time I blog now I should have something profound to say. *shrug* Everyone’s been asking me about the Richard Lewis gig lately, kinda glad to get out of town. I guess people took my post the wrong way. I know I’m just the host. I know it’s not about my set. I knew that going in. I knew that going out. I’m the guy they have to sit through before richard lewis comes on. I’m fine with that. The check cashed. I had a great time.

I also don’t think it’s weird he didn’t want to sit through the show. To be perfectly honest. I hate sitting through other shows waiting to get on stage too. I always get frustrated for other comedians. I start writing tags or re writing their jokes, I start judging their act. A lot of comics wouldn’t think to ask me for advice too, because in their mind I’m still only a year in. Never mind that I’m lapping them.

I only want to watch the headliners. I want to learn. I know part of that is watching what to not do. But still. You ever sit through an open mic with 40 “comedians” doing 3 minutes each on a monday night? It’s painful. Even Tuesday when it’s 15 comics doing 4 minutes. Lucky for me the club owner at Laughs really likes me and I’ve requested to go like 3rd or 4th every time. So boom. I usually leave right after. I’m not a social guy.

Not hanging out after or being able to meet is another thing my dad thinks was weird. He wrote he was busy on his note. Heaven forbid someone isn’t lying.

One of my friends Kyle Cease talks about the way your mind develops into this. You’re never born skeptical and bitter. You learn it. So un learn it. Not that being naive is better. But there’s got to be a healthier mix.

Let’s move on. Kyles bootcamp is this weekend. I recommend it for those who want to use it to work harder and smarter. If you’re looking for an overnight thing. Forget it. Quit now. Kyle asked me to be in his new video he’s making for comedy central on monday. That will be cool.

I’m still waiting on a call from this lady in LA who said she’d have me do some shows down there. Still waiting on check from people. My friend Owen Straw had a funny line “You’re waiting on getting paid? I guess you’re a real comedian now.”

I guess. Nothing is ever what it seems eh? 🙂

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