A lot of my younger reckless years (19-24) was spent in the nightclub scene (it mostly ended after I got punched in the face on my 24th birthday. But I’d like to think I was half way out the door at the time. That was a final wake up call.) I talk about it a little bit in my act. I would eventually like to get to a place where I can make fun of it on a deeper level and tell some of those stories and observations. Sometimes I think too much truth scares people. Especially because you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds. Many places up and coming comics will perform at are turned into dance clubs after the comedy show. It’s not a bad idea if the venue is good for it. Usually the owner is looking to get a crowd in earlier than 11pm. They throw some drink specials on, they can give out as many tickets as they want and make their money on the dance club that night. Because aside from hiring security, a DJ and a few promoters and dancers. Nightclubs have got to be the easiest money. People sink money into $200 bar tabs trying to impress friends or girls with ridiculously overpriced drinks. Just because they hope to get laid.

There’s a great song about it actually. “Always tryna impress these niggas with expensive ass liquor I don’t even like the taste of. I think it’s sickening. The things we do to see and be seen on the scene. we seem to love it. So lost when the lights go off. We sit and often wonder what’s the meaning of it. It’s like nobody wanna live their life. They just wanna re-enact the same scene night after night. Everybody sellin fantasies no matter what the price. Like ‘I love you forever but forever ends tonight.'”

See not all hip hop feeds into the popular culture of RIMS and BLUNTS AND BITCHES. Anyway. I still go out once in a while. Maybe every couple months because I’m at a club performing and I’ll stay there. Usually out of town. Or I have a night off. After getting punched I still went out but I focused more on comedy. I slowly discovered I was less likely to get punched. but in spirit I liked to try to prove a point that few people would catch on to. I would wear a shirt from one of my favorite rappers who had a song that would talk about the bad habits of the youth like nightclubs. I’m sure even if the club knew my secret protest meant. They probably didn’t care. I was still buying drinks. I still lost. So in the end. I only thought I was above it all. Like a drug addict saying “I can quit any time.” Surrree. It means nothing until you actually quit. but if you go to Pioneer Square in Seattle on a weekend night. You can see they’re not hurting for my business.

Anyway. This is getting off topic. The point is. If you have a passion for comedy. You attract a different audience for your club. Sell a few tickets, sell some drinks. Get a crowd in there and maybe you lose a little bit of money. Comedians will work most gigs for a couple hundred bucks. The gig I did tonight in Boise, Idaho is no exception. The owner even said those exact words to us. “Look this place is basically empty till 11pm. If we get some people in here from 8pm for a show, buy a couple drinks. If we break even it’s a great deal.”

I contemplated staying after the show in hopes of meeting a nice girl to bring back to my hotel which was less than a mile from the club. but I knew I’d end up sitting around looking at my phone, wondering when someone was going to recognize me from my show. Or wait for an opportunity to slyly insert myself into a group and make some friends. Otherwise I’m just the loser guy by himself. So I just went back to the hotel. I hopped on facebook and my blog. I wrote down a couple bits because I have no excuse really. I just keep finding reasons to not write down stuff. but I had to get some of these notes out of my phone.

I had a friend request from the DJ already who was at the club. He was also the sound guy and the lighting guy for the comedy show too. We made friends with him before. So he must have enjoyed himself. Which is always nice when the employees have a good time. You wanna make a good impression. Anyway. The DJ was livestreaming from the club. Which is where you stream via the internet from a webcam. Awesome. Because he has the input for the audio directly into the board, it’s not a microphone picking up the distorted music. It sounds clean.

I can listen to the music without sweaty drunk people pushing on me, groupies asking for my autograph after my show and ridiculous bar tabs. I’ve often sat in a club and thought “This would be great if I could be naked, and sipping on a frosty from Wendy’s right now.” The only time I actually tried it the bouncers were NOT happy. Hahaha.

Anyway. If you’re ever in the boise area and you want a great comedy show. Stop by China Blue on Saturdays. I am continually surprised by some of the gigs that turn out great. I actually wish I taped that one. They had a photographer taking pictures though, so looks like I may have some new headshots done on the cheap. Anyway, I’ve gotta go the song I requested from the DJ via facebook is playing. Even though I could easily just google it, or open up itunes and play it. There’s still something cool about that technology. 🙂

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