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Don’t Quit Your Night Job #2 – Mycle Wastman – Singer / Songwriter

In this podcast, Andrew interviews Mycle Wastman. You may know Mycle from The Voice or from his amazing live performances. He’s in a new band called Crystal Garden with Boyd Tinsley from Dave Matthews Band.


We talk about why he still lives in Seattle, writing for a company and how the music industry changes have made it difficult, and more about what goes on in his head during a show. He also tells me his best heckler moment.

Make sure you check out the related youtube video at youtube.com/andrewjrivers – We take the best couple parts of this interview, Mycle gives me a vocal lesson, and then we write a song together. I think you’ll love it.

Someone get Cee-Lo on the line and let’s make a remix. lol.

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Read more at http://andrewjrivers.libsyn.com/dont-quit-your-night-job-2-mycle-wastman-singer-songwriter#IAYcHdqtsiZmsH7V.99

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