New Video: Daddy Issues

So here’s a new video. Some of the jokes from that blog down a few down. I had so much pressure building up to the CD recording, I kept doing those old jokes over and over, even at open mics. To prepare and make sure I knew each of them. Then once I recorded it, I had no excuses for not doing old jokes anymore. So I kind of scrounged up an old blog post I thought would not be funny at all and had my heart set on bombing that night. I’m pretty sure I even apologized to the audience before hand.

Anyway, look what a short 3 weeks of grind writing and stage time can do to a bunch of words in a blog. I told my dad a couple of the jokes and he laughed. Now I have to wait 2 months before I tell him on the radio, hopefully he’ll forget about them by then.tccbleach

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