Insane Bow P90 Flex

tvtreadmill_QmbXc_12As I get older and believe me, the shit is happening. I’m not 21 anymore. Humans are able to live to 100 now, but that’s only because we’re trying harder. That doesn’t mean you’re kicking ass all the way to 60.

As I get older, I’m trying harder to stay in shape and be healthy. I’ve been running around my neighborhood a lot. Almost every day. I prefer a treadmill, but sometimes it’s my only opportunity to be outside. So you take what you can get. I like the treadmill because you can’t lie to your self. Sometimes I’m running outside and I’ll be running for like 5 minutes and I’m exhausted and I’m like “That’s gotta be like 3 miles right there.” – You do that on a treadmill and look down and it’s like “Oh. Still only 1/2 mile.”

Plus you can’t just stop on a treadmill. Sometimes I’m running and I’m like you know what, I can just stop. Nothing will happen. I have no willpower to keep going. You stop on a treadmill, you fall off. Or you hit the button and it still takes a minute to slow down. Treadmill is fun because you can watch TV while you do it. Some people like watching sports games, I can’t do that. I end up getting too excited. I’ll start running around like I’m playing the sport. I go to juke a defender but I’m on a treadmill, so I’ll fall over.

Sometimes the simplistic nature of running around outside makes everything peaceful. Blocking out phones, internet and everything else. My friend is doing this p90x thing where you buy a set of DVD’s for like 100 dollars. I think that’s ridiculous. We’re so lazy, even when we workout, it has to be in front of a tv.

Playing actual sports is fun because you excersize but don’t really know it. Or in my case you mostly rely on your teammates while you huff and puff. I’ve been playing ultimate frisbee which is fun but I hurt myself pretty badly. I injured my ribs and now I can’t do anything. I can’t move my head. It hurts so bad. I went to the chiropractor because I don’t have health insurance. I thought I broke a rib, so I was like “This guy knows bones” that’ll be fine. He basically told me to not do pushups for one week. I paid a doctor money to make fun of me. That’s nice. If I wanted that I would’ve gone to my therapist. #HEYNOW


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