Xbox Live Customer Support

This has been in the drafts simply because it’s an easy joke. Lots of people have customer support jokes. Either they worked there or whatever. This is an example of a joke I know would do well but I just don’t care to work on it and make it even on a throwaway joke.

It’s so stupid I didn’t even write out the draft of the joke. Basically insert awkward situation here. I called into xbox live customer support and they’re making me spell out my gamer tag. I’m trying to sound like a reasonable adult. like EYEZDAGAWD. That’s with a Z. What? You know what it looks like it’s fixed now. Thanks. hang up. ha ha ha. See? If I were a 1 month or 6 month comic. This would be perfect. You can imagine all sorts of awkward conversations and hilarity ensues. Maybe one day when I throw away my hour I’ll come back for this. Until then. PTTHBBBBBBBB crap.

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