Comedy is War

Doing a comedy tour together is like going through war. Some booker sent you to the depths of hell and back and you didn’t know any better but to accept the mission. “Performing for college students at Noon? Sounds awesome!”War-Stories-6b55879

By the end of the tour, even if it was 3 shows, you have an unbreakable bond with the people you went out with and have a friend no matter what happens, for the rest of your life.

Pretty soon you’re scaring the grandkids in your rocking chair: “ahhh. The things I’ve seen.” *puffs cigar smoke* “all of a sudden KABBOOOM. HECKLERS. EVERYWHERE!”

My brother in arms, Kane Holloway and I were part of a “keeping our day jobs comedy tour” for 3 shows. but IT WAS WAR!! lol. and now he’s in LA trying to make it in the big time city.

Sadly, he got his jaw broken after being sucker punched in a softball game and he can’t perform comedy for several months. So come to Tacoma Comedy Club this Thursday as we raise money for Kane’s recovery.

There are several headliners on the show and it’s my last show in Washington State before I start driving to war torn cities like Merrillville, Indiana and Fairview Heights, Illinois.

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