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Not much to say here. This is my feature set from this past weekend at Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland, Wa. I opened for Kermet Apio. This is the tape from the 8pm show. I was pretty happy with the show, even though towards the end I could hear my parents laughing louder than anyone else. I’m glad they got to see a good show. Now I don’t have to hear the talk about getting a real job for at least a few weeks. Plus my good friend and comedy aficionado CJ Alexander‘s judging eyes and notepad were in the back grading me based on how much shit I’ve been talking and how much I’m bragging lately. I got the thumbs up on the set from him. Although our conversation at a bar was rudely interrupted by people wanting to talk to him and a hot girl near by. Lord knows I can’t focus when ass is in my face and CJ is trying to flirt. I had to intervene and scare her off just to get him to talk to me. That was my plan all along. I swear. Perhaps bars aren’t good places for focus group meetings while sitting with other comedians who also haven’t seen CJ since he got out of jail. (ok. That’s an exaggeration.) Anyway. Here it is. It will likely be offline by next week or next month at the latest. You know I change and grow by the minute. Enjoy it while you can. Let the booking offers ROLL IN:

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