Toyota Corolla is a Sexy Car

Hello Everyone. Happy Holidays. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been a little busy and a little bit slacking. I’ve been writing still, just getting too lazy to actually post them on here.

To catch up to this point of the car story go back and read the post about me getting a new car.

Alright, welcome back. Let’s continue.

My new car is a Toyota Corolla and I really like it. I think it flies under the radar when it comes to “sexy cars”. I know you’re laughing right now because everytime I tell this story on stage, this is where people laugh (I love accidental punchlines), but hear me out! Because I spent so much money on my old car trying to make it fast and putting rims on it, thinking that girls would like it because it was cool. but it never helped. I’ve gotten more compliments on my corolla in one month than I have in 3 years with my old car.

I think it boils down to this: Women are attracted to smart decisions. They don’t look at your car and go “oooh corolla? What’s the 0-60 on that baby?” They go “oooh Corolla? So. You’re not a douchebag? This is great. What is that 35 miles per gallon? Hot! Are you single?”

Women are strange creatures like that. I’d like to think it would be easier if I were gay because I’m a man and I know what a man likes. But you would probably run into the same issues. Some men are feminene, some men aren’t. That’s a whole different blog. I think there are some girls that would appreciate the modifications on my old car. Probably not the type of girls I want to be around. It’s just odd. Men are trained wrong. It’s not our fault. I think we should change car magazines to have a hot girl in a bikini posing next to a prius. Make the car commercials sexy. A hot girl giving the Corolla a sponge bath with the typical deep voice announcer talking over it. “ohhh yeah. 36 MPG city driving. 45 MPG highway. and 32 Double D’s!” Booyah. With ideas like this. I will be a millionaire one day. 😉

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