Enjoy Your Corona

Back in high school, my parents had a summer house on Orcas Island. Which means my brother and I spent every summer in high school away from all of our friends on the island. But we made new friends to get in to trouble with.  So one day my friend and I were at a house party. Young kids. Probably like 17 or 18. We’re hanging out and it’s probably like 11 o clock. The party is pretty cool, but everyone is hogging the alcohol. Nobody wants to share. Finally one guy tells us we can have some of his beer. He shows us his secret stash of Coronas behind a couch. We’re like sweet. We crack em open. But it just isn’t the same. You have to enjoy it with a lime. So we go to the grocery store down the street but it’s closed because everything closes on the island really early. Then we came up with a genius idea. Wait outside a bar, ask someone to grab us some limes and we’ll give them a couple bucks. Because in bars they give out whole limes right? lol. We don’t know, we’ve never been in one. So we’re in the parking lot and the first car pulls up. We ask him if he can do us a favor. He goes “I’m the owner of this bar. What do you need limes for?” We’re like “Uh. Well my mom is making a pie. but she didn’t grab enough limes. So she sent me to the store with some money, but it’s closed.” The guy just stares at us for 30 seconds but it felt like 20 minutes. Like. He couldn’t believe we were actually asking us. He starts to laugh and says “Sure.” he walks in. My friend and I are looking at each other like “hey that was easy. Can’t believe this guy fell for that.” A minute or two later. The guy comes out of the bar with a lime in each hand. He stops a few feet from us and tosses them underhand. We catch them. We’re like “Thanks, man! You saved my mom a huge headache.” Or something corny. Without even a pause. He goes “Yeah. Enjoy Your Corona.”  We’re standing there dumbfounded like “uhh Corona Pie? What are you talking about? My mom’s not even mexican!” The rest of the story isn’t that important. We went back to the party and the whole stash was raided and gone. We felt like idiots. So we left the party and went home and played video games. Cuz we’re nerds.

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