Direct Deposit

I went to the bank today to withdraw rent money.

The lady at the counter asked me if my job offered Direct Deposit. I said no. She said “oh, no wonder you don’t have it set up yet.”

Here’s the thing that struck me as odd about that encounter. I’ve been with that bank for years and years and they’ve never asked me to set up direct deposit. Which means, this is the first time I’ve had enough money in my bank account for them to think I’ve had a job.

With these giant Corporate banks. The mindset has changed, they’re for profit, obviously. So you try to wonder what everything they ask you to do means for their profitability. How does offering me 3% cash back on my credit card help them? Maybe they get 10% more customers to sign up for a card that has 3% cash back instead of no rewards. Therefore 7% more profit. Ideally. How does direct deposit matter to them? Do most people just dilly dally around with their paychecks? Are we really living that comfy nowadays America? Every paycheck is an EMERGENCY for me. Is that why the bank is “Look. Is there a way for you to get your money to us faster? Because we are just BLOWING through it right now.”

I should switch banks, I’m just lazy. I hate filling out paperwork. I like having bank ATMS all over the country. Although the more I travel, the more I realize “Bank of America” is more “Bank of a couple states in America.” I’m super paranoid that I’m going to lose money so I try to deposit it on the way home from the gig. Especially casino shows. They hand you the check and say “We’ll cash it here if you’d like!” NOoooo. You’re not gonna make me hate you twice as much. I’m going to deposit this on my way home, so I can cry less. It was a crappy show, but at least I made some money.


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