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I had a thought the other day that maybe I shouldn’t share that I’m auditioning for Last Comic Standing on Facebook. “What if you don’t make it on the show? That could be embarassing.”

You know what? I’m not embarassed by my shortcomings (that’s not a penis joke, it’s average size, ok.) – If people don’t know yet that success only comes after massive amounts of failure, than let me be an example. Sometimes good things don’t happen to good people. It’s not a magical fairy land where you think good thoughts and it comes to you. I’ve maintained a positive attitude and lost (and then had a shitty attitude.) I’ve worked hard and sacraficed literally everything to be in a position where they want to audition me, and if I don’t get on, I’ll work harder to make them regret that decision. (for what it’s worth, I really really hope I get on, haha.)

Nothing was easy thus far. It’s not going to be easier if they choose me. I guess the point is: I meet people every day who say “I could never do what you do.” and maybe that’s true for comedy. but if you knew how bad I was when I started 6 years ago, you’d be amazed that sometimes beating your head against a brick wall eventually breaks the wall if try hard enough at whatever it is you aspire to be or do.

It even feels silly to even write this but I do think we’re all created equal. From there it’s up to you.

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