The Real Snowmaggeddon

This is a photo taken from the MSNBC website that someone submitted. The user is from New Jersey.  (Sidebar: I hope some of those F@#KS from the Jersey Shore are buried alive in there.) Attention Seattle Residents. THIS IS A REAL BLIZZARD. Two inches doesn’t count (obligatory: That’s what she said!). It’s not a state of emergency unless McDonalds is closed. I’m glad Seattle is a pussy town though. I’m glad our weather is simple. Because I know if I lived in New Jersey right now. I would be starving to death. Literally. It’s not an exaggeration. Because I have no life skills. I have no food in my apartment. I don’t even own silverware. My parents were out of town for christmas, so I went to safeway and had hot pockets for Dinner. but if EVERYTHING was shut down. I don’t know. I’d be screwed. I’d like to think neighbors that I’ve never once talked to or introduced myself to would help. But I’m already famined as it is. I wonder how long a big mac can survive in the fridge.

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse from Michael Black on Vimeo.


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