Seattle and Winter Weather

I had this bit in my head ever since WINTER DISASTER EPIC FAIL SEATTLE 2010 OMG WTF SNOWMAGEEDDON happened a few weeks back.

Then I was driving through spokane for my show and it was snowing like crazy. So I figured, why not open on the new bit. If it could work at any point, why not now? So I did it. It got a pretty good response. Although, admittedly, It was a HOT crowd. I don’t think I had a joke that DIDNT hit. They were just a good 12 people in the mood for laughing. (how often does that happen?) and How often is it the audience of 40 the night before who would rather not listen, heckle and could give a shit except to make death threats? Spokane. You’re an odd one.

I started by thanking the crowd for braving the snow. They kinda laughed at that notion. I said Yeah. I know it’s nothing to you. I’m from Seattle. We get three inches and the city shuts down. The funniest thing to me is that when it snows. All traffic rules go out the window. People just start making their own rules. No turn signals anymore. No stop signs. People are like that stop sign is covered in snow. Therefore it doesn’t exist. People start being assholes behind me because I’m going slow. I’m just trying to follow the grooves. That guy is like “I know there’s normally a speed limit, but I’ve got 4 wheel drive. Fuck it.”

It obviously needs more writing and time on it. but I need more time to observe people in the snow. My mind keeps reverting back to an old joke on Bill Engvalls CD I heard in High School. “You guys are like 3 inches? I can still find my golf ball.” Good thing I’ll be in Montana for the next five days. Wish me luck.

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  1. December 14, 2017

    […] the Jersey Shore are buried alive in there.) Attention Seattle Residents. THIS IS A REAL BLIZZARD. Two inches doesn’t count (obligatory: That’s what she said!). It’s not a state of emergency unless McDonalds is […]

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