Rapey Eyes

The other day I got home from a show and I had a facebook message from a super hot blonde girl (happens all the time). She said “Hey great show tonight. This may be weird but I think I know you from somewhere.”

I was like “Oh, probably your fantasies. Thanks for the email. Glad you enjoyed the show.”

She was like “No, seriously.” We start talking and I’m looking through her photos, jerking off. and I realize I do know her.

When I was younger. 21 and 22. I was going out to nightclubs every weekend, getting drunk, and grinding my junk on random people to loud music. Because that’s what you do at that age when you don’t like yourself. Don’t ask questions.

She was one of the go go dancers at this club. So I’m praying she doesn’t remember me. because even I don’t want to remember me back then.

So I’m like wow, yeah, I guess we went to some of the same parties. She’s like “I bet we have photos together.” I was like “Oh good. She totally doesn’t remember me.”

I was the drunk creepy guy in the corner giving her rapey eyes. We definitely have no pictures together.

but isn’t it funny how these things come full circle. Now she see’s me and finds me on facebook and I’m giving her rapey eyes over the internet.

Some things never change. Here’s a few photos. Look at me, trying to be cool. Look at her… ass… Lord have mercy.

By the way, I’ve probably over shared this song, but I can’t stress how important it was to me at this time. The second verse was the most important arrangement of words ever in my life at one point in time.

I was talking to a friend about this, he was like “It’s hard to picture you being like that, out of control, drinking and partying.” That’s probably my favorite compliment ever. I feel like I’ve chosen smart responsible friends. Good people. and they think well to do of me as well. That makes me happy. Which is what I had been searching for from the start. Thank god for comedy, probably saved my life.

Aww see how we made this a sappy blog about my feelings? HI DAD! 🙂

Here’s another good one that gets me teary eyed.

Anyway. Enough of the past. It’s almost painful to revisit some of those memories.

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