Lil Wayne Supports Domestic Violence

Once again. I like to make fun of rap.

You should know the drill by now. I like hip hop music. I’m white and my parents are rich. It’s a requirement. Some of the stuff just doesn’t make sense.

I was listening to a song the other day from Lil Wayne. This is the lyric: “8am. Open my eyes. Yeah. Kick my bitch. Tell her open the blinds.”

First of all. If you can kick your girlfriend and she still does what you ask. That’s impressive. Although, let’s be honest. Lil Wayne is like what. 5’2″. A Kick from a midget isn’t gonna hurt anyone. Unless it’s that midget from the cape.

What I found more impressive though, was that Lil Wayne wakes up at 8am. I didn’t picture him as a go getter 8am type. If I were a rapper it would be like “8am. Open my eyes. 8:01. I closed my eyes. 1pm. Open my eyes. Kick the Kleenex. Tell it to open the blinds. 1:01pm. Closed my eyes again.”

The more I listen to Lil Wayne, none of his lyrics make sense. “Real G’s move in Silence like Lasagna.” If you’re Lasagna is moving. It’s time to put the cough syrup down.

I had some fun this weekend at Tacoma Comedy Club with Rebecca Corry. Rebecca forced me to do a brand new joke on stage each night. I did this at one of the shows and it did really well. I try to let the blog breathe from new bits every time I post a new video up. That way it can get a few hits. I don’t put random tags on that post. Simply because the full 30 minute video is for the regular viewers who got here on purpose. At least that’s my theory. Anyway. Starting to feel like crap which means lots of time in bed. Hopefully lots of writing and blogging.

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