I’m the opposite of a hypochondriac

I think I’m whatever the opposite of a hypochondriac is. I was gonna look it up and see if it was a real medical condition, but I was like “it’s probably nothing.” A hypochondriac is someone who thinks they have some serious medical conditions when they really don’t. They go to the doctor all the time, “doctor I broke my finger, yeah thats a paper cut, we’re done here, but thanks for the co-pay.” I’m the opposite. but not by choice. I get all sorts of weird pains randomly, and I’m like maybe I should get this checked out but then I’m like “x-rays are expensive.” So I try to convince myself that it’s nothing serious. The reasons I keep giving myself are terrible. I’m like “No big deal. People in the olden days didnt have hospitals. But people in the olden days also didnt live past 40. In the olden days they would be like “we think you have cancer, here’s a ginger ale.”

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