My New Favorite Rapper Story

There’s a rapper named Tyga. He’s not really that good in my opinion. He’s starting to get more popular. He had the new strip club anthem called “rack city” with such wonderful lyrics like “10 10 10 20 on your titties, bitch.” I tend to value substance in the music. I mean its a catchy song, and a happenin beat. but so mindless it aggravates me. Anyway, this guy was doing a show in Nebraska. Clearly he’s popular. That’s the thing, we build up these entertainers, but theyre doing shitty shows just like us to make a couple bucks. He clearly makes more than I do. My strip club anthem is more like “10 10 10 pennies on your titties, bitch.” –  My dad made a comment the other day on the radio inadvertantly about canadian strip clubs and  throwing dollars at them (he was thinking paper bills.) I made a joke about the canadian dollars hurting the strippers. It was kinda fun. – anyway – So tyga is in Nebraska doing a show. Awesome. Then people started throwing some stuff at the stage (not money) Probably a map with directions to a town with actual black people. He got all mad. Then was trying to act tough like “Meet me outside.” Then some gunshots went off in the club. Everyone evacuated. Then somebodoy shot at tyga’s tour bus and hit a couple members of his entourage. I don’t have anything else to add to this story. Those towns don’t give a shit who you think you think you are. They will shoot at you if you give them an excuse.

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