Emo Phillips

A comedian that needs the F Word to get a laugh is like a martial arts expert who needs a gun. Wishing you Luck – Emo Phillips.

Emo worked laughs in kirkland one weekend and Id seen him several years before but never got to meet him. He was very funny and very normal off stage surprisingly. We talked for a while. He used this line to tell me something I already wholeheartedly believed in but was good to repeat and good to hear from a big comedian like Emo.

Nobody is saying not to use bad words at all. Just don’t rely on them. If you’re punchline ends with “So I punched her in the cunt.” or something. It’s not a real punchline. Bad words are proven to make people giggle in comedy clubs and people laugh at the sure audacity that you’re saying “cunt”. It’s kinda a funny word and fun to say it.

I’ll give you some examples. I had a joke about a hotel in wyoming that was 100% always getting laughs. “Have you ever had a hotel that smells better AFTER you take a crap in it?” It’s just a clean poop joke. Easy. Not all that clever. Dropped it. Another example is a girl said I was boring because I didn’t drink. So I stole her wallet. More clever, but in theory the same as “I punched her in the cunt.” As of right now the joke is not in my 30 minute act. Although I don’t think it’s a terrible joke.

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