Dark Side of the Moon

If you’re just joining us. I haven’t blogged in forever and I’m updating the site. Fancy huh?

I was thinking about this the other day:

I think part of the reason my dad was disappointed that I like Rap Music is because he plays in a rock band, and he’s worked for classic rock radio stations for 25 years. So maybe he thought that was my way of rebelling against him. Like FUCK YOU, DAD. IM GONNA LISTEN TO 50 CENT!

It’s not like he didn’t try to get me into rock music. I got CDs for Christmas, I met Ozzy Osbourne when I was like 10. Actually, that probably screwed me up. I didn’t know he was famous. I was like “This guy talks funny and he says words I’m not allowed to use.”

I never used to like rap music. I hated it. My brother would play rap cds when I was younger and I was always complaining. “I don’t understand, why does he hate women so much?” Then, I got to high school and I started dating and I was like OHHH I get it.

Rap music is just easier to understand in general. The messages are much simpler. Every rap song is like: “I’m angry, I’ll shoot you.” or “Check me out, I’m ballin.” Those emotions are easier to understand as a 12 year old than whatever Pink Floyd is talking about.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Pink Floyd now but I still don’t understand it. Everytime I listen to Dark Side of the Moon. I’m like “I have no idea what’s going on here, but I bet this sounds amazing if I were on drugs.” and that was the 70’s.

By the way, I was outside of open mic last night telling another comic this joke and asking their opinion and such. Just as I finished the last part (I have no idea what’s going on with pink floyd but I bet it sounds amazing on drugs.”) a guy who was picking through cigarettes in the ash tray poked his head up and goes “Man, that’s so true. Heroin is the best for that.”

It was one of those stories you couldn’t make up. 🙂

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