Awkward Living Situations

Another one stuck in the drafts. This is funny. The problem is I don’t do the main joke in my regular act, so there’s not really any point to work on this add on story yet.

If you remember, I moved into a new house (renting a room) a few days after I moved in. An 80 year old guy moved in.

It’s really awkward to try and bring girls over. We might start fooling around and they get nervous. “Can he hear us?” I’m like “I don’t think he can hear anything.” The worst is when HE brings girls home. Yeah. He’ll come interrupt me and ask me to borrow lube and condoms. I’m like first off you don’t need condoms.


By the way. I have a hilarious story about LUBE, but I don’t want to post it here just yet. Maybe one day. Some stuff needs to stay inside the circle for a while before it gets out to the public.

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