If my calculations are correct

I’ve been doing lots of shorter sets in the 10-15 minute range. I’m sooooo comfortable with that set length. It doesn’t feel like any fluff. It’s all pretty original, it’s fun to tell. It’s not stupid road stories. It’s not hooters of montana. It’s just new, fresh, exciting jokes. Not that the other jokes don’t work the same. It just feels like I have more integrity as a comedian. I’m not embarrassed by it. It’s a weird feeling. You’re material is fruit. It grows and then it rots. It just sits there on the tree. I can hear the voices in the back of the room of the other comics like “really this joke again?”


So I calculated it up. Right now I’m at 15 minutes of material I don’t hate. I just need 15 more minutes of material that I don’t hate, and by then I’ll have a total of 15 minutes of material I don’t hate.

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