Dear Canada, your Sun is broken.

I’m on my first (LAST?) winter tour of Canada. My friend is a Canada Tour Veteran and has several jokes about how when you walk outside it feels like you owe the weather money. I laughed but now I’m getting to experience it.

I’ve driven through mini blizzards. It was cold but it was fine, I could handle it. Today is by far the worst. It was 2 degrees yesterday and sunny. Which is the part I take the most offense to. and BTW I know they use Celsius but right now the F stands for 2 FUCKING DEGREES. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? GO FAHRENHEIT YOURSELVES, CANADA. Why did you show up to work if you’re just gonna sit there?  I tried to turn it off and on, you know restart it but the next day was -11 in the morning. Why do negative temperatures even exist? Why is that a thing? That means the guy who invented temperature never even thought this would exist.

I’ve had my doubts about NASA’s abilities but there are people here are living lives and doing things. How much more difficult could a moon colony base be? If I even look outside, I have to take a warm shower.

I’ll be home next week, back to reality. I can’t wait. This will be the longest week ever. Dare I say time has frozen.

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