The Titus Story

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4 Responses

  1. Great Job Andrew…now let’s go see Rickles!

  2. The DON says:

    I love you. I miss you.

    Most of all, I’m proud of you! I was getting chills reading through this because I’ve heard all the stories of struggle and how you’ve grown on stage over the years.

    You’re absolutely hilarious and that’s one of the reasons why we ever became friends and are still best friends to this day.

    And, now that you’re a comedian, pressure is on me! That feeling you got when Titus was laughing in the background is the same I get when I’ll say something on XBOX Live (lol). You know, you’re this famous comedian… it’s hard to make you laugh!

    Thanks for putting up with my joke ideas (if you can call them that). Don’t hate me because I leave the comedy to the professionals…

    Fuck the audience. We can’t do what you do. That’s why we’re out there. If it doesn’t go well, fuck ’em. We’re wrong.

    I’ll see you in less than three weeks! Let’s see a show if there’s one going on.

  3. Keith Rivers says:

    Amazing story and introspective. A must read for any budding comic.

  4. Jeffrey Morrow says:

    You sure Bob Rivers is your Dad? You look more like Titus….just say’n.

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