I really like rap music. Because I’m white and my parents are rich. It’s challenging to be in a family full of successful people (I know how that sounds poor people but hear me out) because I’m the only one who isn’t. My brother just made a million dollars this year. and he’s 2 years older than me. So I feel like I have 2 years to make a million dollars or my family will be disappointed. “mmm I guess Andrew didn’t get the millionaire genes. We have to disown him.” – I love the path I’ve chosen, and I’m confident that I will be a millionaire ONE DAY, but only because they have to die some day. Anyway – People always ask how a white kid from a good family ends up liking hip hop music. I used to hate rap music actually. My brother had a 2pac cd he would play all the time in his car and I hated it. I was always confused, like, why does this guy hate women so much? Then I got to high school and I started dating and I was like oohhh. I get it.

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