Thank You for Choosing McDonalds

Tonights a short one. I had a busy day. I wanna get this on here, and maybe I’ll come back and revisit the them later.

I’m offended by the sign that says “Thank you for choosing McDonalds.” on the door when you leave Mcdonalds. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t be here. Understand? Don’t get cocky, McDonalds. It’s like choosing the president. Sure I ended up with this one, but I only had like 2 1/2 options. and event though it’s probably the best option, nobody is really going to choose Arbys.

I woke up, unpacked, did a bunch of laundry, listened to some podccasts and watched a couple videos from denver and worked out some new material and edited some stuff I did last night and then as I was planning to write a new topic (look for it in a few days called “Homeboyz”) My friend Geoff Tate who I met in Wichita just called me and said he needed a ride from the airport. So I had to leave the house early. Then I went and did two shows. One open mic and one college show and the joke in the previous post about living near a school worked perfectly. It’s actually getting a better response than expected. Now I have to get up early for radio but I have to start preparing topics and jokes and defenses to the attacks I’m sure to receive.

I just posted this to facebook. “I feel good about myself and my career feels good right now. I’m going to radio tomorrow morning, so it was fun while it lasted. Tune in to hear the sound of defeat around 830 on The Bob Rivers Show :)”

Nothing like a little home cooking. 🙂 Good night.

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