Sonics fan tries to get revenge in Oklahoma

I wish I could make this a super clickbait title. SONICS FAN OWNS OKLAHOMA. but it just didn’t happen that way.

I was performing in Tulsa, Oklahoma and as a Seattle resident and Sonics fan, I had an obligation to wear my favorite hat hoping someone in the crowd would yell at me and I could make a viral video of me yelling at a Thunder fan, but it turns out they’re really nice people and they kind of feel bad.

Nobody yelled at me during a show, but after each show, while buying my CD or just saying “Good show.” They would bring up the hat, and make a comment. They’re so god damn polite.

So on the last show of the week I manned up and decided to extend an olive branch. They laughed at my jokes, so I don’t hate them for rooting for a team. They don’t know any better. I’m still glad Kevin Durant left.







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