“No eviction notice, still I’m homeless on a poets mission, not that I’m a fiend stealing bass like Otis Nixon, living the street? nah I’m living on the road, consistent, making fans multiply like a coefficient.” – Shad K

I was playing that song for a friend one time who also appreciates a good hip hop song. He said “That’s the first rapper to ever use coefficient in a song.” lol

Comedy is hard. Not telling jokes, that’s the fun part. It’s the other stuff. The travel, the bookings, the dealing with strangers. I was at the bank the other day and they had a pizza being delivered and the bank teller was asking about my job because he needed some information. I said I’m self employed, which sounds like a drug dealer. Especially from a guy who’s trying to withdraw a bunch of cash. So I said comedian and then he cracks a joke and tells me I can use that. Then the pizza guy comes and he goes “oh great, now we’re going to be in your next show.” No, really, you’re not that interesting. Hairdressers are the worst too. Because you’re stuck, they have sharp objects and I always go in at like 1pm. “Oh have the day off?” “uh…. no I work at night.” Then you have to talk to them for hours. This blog isn’t very funny. I keep trying to add something to the original post I came to write. Hotel Wi-Fi sucks. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it take forever to load one porn video. I’m tired.

The hardest thing about being a comedian is the travel. Living in hotels and such. Not the loneliness, not living out of a suitcase, no no, the hardest part is waking up before 9am for free breakfast.


This is what happens when you have nothing to talk about.

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