God is taunting me

blah blah blah. I’m single. Sometimes I feel like god is taunting me. “The other night.” I was getting in my car after a night at this bar. A really cute girl stops me and asks if I will give her and her girlfriend a ride home a couple blocks away. I’m like YES! I just hit the lotto! She gets in but her girlfriend is still stumbling around outside. The girl starts thanking me and saying how she’ll buy me some fast food on the way back. I’m starting to fall in love. This girl knows the key to my heart. She keeps trying to get her friend in, but then. A cab shows up for her friend. So she gets out and gets in the cab. I’m sitting there like. “Nice to meet you!” as the door slams in my face. God giveth. God taketh away.

Why would God do this to me? Seriously. I felt like I was being teased. I felt like a dog. You remember when you were trying to teach your dog not to eat food. You hold the bacon in front of his nose and just when he goes to snap at it, you whack him with a newspaper. “Noooooooo, BAD DOG!”

Obviously this story needs tightening to ever work on stage. But I could not believe this happened.

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